Three of my clients have won the prestigous Edward R. Murrow awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association51af9eba-8828-4df9-a980-74d7ac110372

WITF, Harrisburg, PA

WLRN-FM, Miami, FL

CNN Radio, Atlanta, GA

WITF won its awards for Continuing Coverage (“Aftershocks of the Sandusky Scandal”), Investigative Reporting (“Abandoned Wells”) and Writing (“Hang Tough: Dick Winters on Normandy”).

WLRN Radio won for Featue Reporting (“Her Own Little Paris”) and Use of Sound (“The Storn: Remembering Hurricane Andrew”).

And, CNN Radio was honored for Hard News Reporting (“When Police Shoot”), Use of Sound/Video (“Saturday Night Fever’s Brooklyn Legacy”) and Writing (“Sandy: Memories of the Jersey Shore”).

Congratulations to all of these winners. I am thrilled to be associated with these outstanding stations and producers.


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