I roll up my sleeves and get involved, providing guidance and advice on:

  • Local Program Production; a risky business.
  • National Program Production;
  • Program Creation: Concept & Design;
  • Recruitment and Coaching of Outstanding Staff;
  • Piloting, Grant Writing & Production;
  • Budget Development & Management;
  • Marketing.


Before we agree to work together, let’s be realistic about …What I can do for you – and what I can’t.

In other words, let’s talk …

OK, I am good. Actually, very good at what I do. But, what is that?

  • Conceiving the vision.
  • Designing new programs.
  • Helping staff implement the vision in the most imaginative way.
  • Piloting.
  • Creating realistic, lean production budgets.
  • Helping find the money: writing grant requests and funding proposals.
  • Identifying with the audience, knowing from experience, what their tastes are.
  • Recruiting excellent talent and staff.
  • Help them critique their own work and aspire to even better work.
  • Diagnosing what is wrong with a segment, a program, a talent.
  • Devising helpful ways to fix problems.
  • Helping production staffs support marketing campaigns.
  • Talking with the right people at all three public radio networks about your project.
  • Helping you line up successful professionals to assist with training, promotion and publicity, marketing, underwriting and station relations.

What can’t I do? Well, I can’t guarantee …

  • That you’ll produce a “hit.”
  • Network distribution.
  • Station carriage.
  • Underwriting.

These will take a lot of effort on your part. Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t hard work. But, the good news is …

I sure can help you get there!

Program Development

The conception and design of new programs, and the fine-tuning of existing programs. Managing R&D; creation of program plans, timetables and “bible;” staff recruitment and hiring; management of program piloting and evaluation of pilots.

Budget Development and Management

Creation and analysis of co st, business model development, appropriateness of scale. Knowledge of what various program types should cost and what are reasonable costs per hour of production.


Analysis of financial sustainability and likelihood of securing funding. Grant writing and guidance on searching for and obtaining corporate underwriting.

Market Research

What do listeners want? Knowledge of the marketplace and how to survey and assess demand. Analysis of audience potential, loyalty of audience for various kinds of programming.

Talent Search

Using our network, identifying needs, finding and recruiting talent that are best suited for the job.

Distribution Planning

Negotiation with distributors, assistance in planning carriage campaigns and marketing.

Business Experience and Savvy

Financial and Organizational Analysis


I will work with you to develop a fair and affordable compensation arrangement, taking into account your budget size and ability to pay. Here is a sample of my charges: one pager.