Jim’s Reporting from Vietnam & Cambodia (1968-1969)

These are examples of my reporting from Vietnam and Cambodia, especially covering the U.S. invasion of Cambodia, the death of Ho Chi Minh, and the famous My Lai massacre. Uploaded for nostalgia purposes only! Enjoy.

Dong Tam, Vietnam: Grunts going home
Sang, Cambodia
Long Binh, Vietnam: Green Berets free after My Lai Massacre
Death of Ho Chi Minh
Cambodian Refugee Camp
Ho Chi Minh Obituary
Getting American Troops out of Vietnam
Cambodian sanctuary doesn’t look like one.
U.S. invades Cambodia
The Credibility Gap – Part 1
The Credibility Gap – Part 2
The Credibility Gap – Part 3
The Credibility Gap – Part 4 (Closing)