About Us

Jim Russell Productions exists to share the creativity and extensive knowledge of Jim Russell and his Associates with stations, production houses, and audio/video producers who aspire to create top quality programming for the benefit of the public.

Our Client-Centered Approach

Our goal is to put you, the client, first. Our initial visit, always with Jim Russell, is without fee (but includes any travel and out-of-pocket expenses if needed.) It is to learn the issues so we can prepare a proposal that is agreeable to you. Once agreed upon, we operate as a team with the client, valuing the client’s knowledge and experience, and we respond rapidly with findings and recommendations. There is little lost time in startup because of our extensive experience in the industry. We believe in practical but creative solutions. Our fees are reasonable, and sometimes we are retained by clients to work exclusively on a variety of issues.

Our Firm

The Program Doctor is a consulting firm for clients in the public service audio and video broadcast industry. We are the only consulting firm that specializes with this industry focus that possesses such deep background experience.

After 37 years of success in leading and developing new programs, Jim Russell, the creator and former Executive Producer of Marketplace, has established this firm to support and help others in the industry with issues of market analysis, program creation and improvement, talent search, and business experience and savvy.

Jim Russell Productions is deliberately a small “boutique” company focusing exclusively on Jim’s experience and expertise.

Rather than expand to become a high cost full-service entity, Jim will work with freelance experts in many allied fields — outsourcing work or recommending Associates when the workscope is outside of Russell’s expertise. While there are more than two dozen consultants who serve the public radio industry, none has Jim’s background or specializes in the creation of startup programming.

Jim Russell Productions accepts a limited number of new clients, based upon mutually-perceived alignment of our goals and values. Fees will be fair and reasonable, and customized to the ability of the client and the nature of the project. Jim’s involvement in projects is passionate, deep and engaged rather than superficial.