Intensive Workshop

The Intensive Workshop

The Program Doctor usually travels to stations for 2½ day Intensives costing $7,500 – $10,000. In order to create efficiency for stations and provide a collaborative environment, The Program Doctor is offering a “fly-in” workshop. By bringing together, at a convenient centralized location, a small, select group of producers and their managers —  Jim can cut the cost to stations by two-thirds, and producers can learn from each other. While there, they’ll create program mission statements, audience targets, differentiators, branding, signature segments, resource analysis and a Bible of Best Practices to use in actually planning and making their programs.

Following the Intensive, Jim will provide additional follow-up consulting with the producers by conference call. And, of course, each of the participants will have their own future consulting team – their fellow participants at the Intensive Workshop. Tuition for the Workshop will be $2,500 for up to 2 people from the station. Each participant will pay his/her own travel expenses. The first Intensive Workshop is planned for Fall of 2013 in North Carolina.

If you are interested in participating in the Intensive Workshop, please email Jim directly at [email protected]

Click here for full details on Intensive Workshop.

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