Creating Signature Segments

The Program Doctor announces a new training tool – an advanced program Intensive dedicated to creating the most important program enhancement, the Signature Segment.

 There’s no doubt that the Signature Segment is the most effective tool available to rapidly improve the audience appeal of a locally-produced show. The basic Intensive covers this subject in depth, including brainstorming about possible subjects. But, what this first-level Intensive doesn’t have time for is the actual creation of viable Signature Segments … inventing them, describing them, creating the “recipe” for their construction, piloting and evaluation. For that reason, we have been asked to offer a more advanced training session devoted exclusively to turning ideas for Signature Segments into reality. This new advanced Intensive includes:

Ahead of time, via Skype and telephone:

  • General brainstorming with the producers’ group
  • Selection of specific segments to pilot.
  • One-on-one coaching with individual producers about their segment
  • Auditioning “first drafts” of writing and sound and critiquing
  • Helping tighten up and refine.

In-person with the group:

  • 1 day on site, auditioning and critiquing all pilots
  • Group review and critiquing
  • Brainstorming next round of Segment piloting and
  • Selecting actual Segments, treatments.
  • Creating a “buddy system” for ongoing support and assistance.

The cost of this Advanced “Signature Segment” Intensive is estimated at $4,000 per station, plus travel reimbursement.

Please contact Jim Russell at (919) 942-6950 or [email protected] to discuss.

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