A message from Jim’s children – Ted Russell, Jennifer Russell Sturgeon and Kimberly Russell Thomas:
It is with very heavy hearts that we share that our Dad passed away yesterday, Tuesday, September 13th. He fought mightily for 20 days in the ICU following a fall on August 24th. He was moved into hospice care on Monday, September 12th and passed peacefully Tuesday afternoon. His care team ultimately determined that his back and brain injuries were too severe for him to return to a life he would have found satisfactory. We, his children, honor our Dad by honoring his wishes and giving him the dignity he so deserved to leave this world on his own terms.
You’ve all had an impact upon our dad’s life and were important to him. We are grateful that you knew and cared about our Dad. Your messages have uplifted our spirits immensely during this challenging time. We read your notes of encouragement to him and are certain they brought him comfort – as did the notes he received in February following his surgery.
Our Dad shared his wishes for a small family service. Many of you have asked what you can do for our dad and for us during this time. We would love for you to send your connection to our dad, a memory, a story, how he has impacted your life or career, and a photo of you with Dad, if you have one. We would like to share them with our children and extended family. What a gift to know our father / their grandfather was cared about and loved by you all.
If you are inclined, please share stories here or send your thoughts and stories to our Dad’s email address: [email protected] – we will be checking his email and will collect them from there.
In addition to your stories, another way to honor our Dad would be to keep challenging norms, keep making & listening to great radio, hold your loved ones close, and always bid aggressively, whether in negotiations or bridge games.
It probably won’t surprise many of you that our Dad kept his sense of humor until the very end – months prior to his passing he added to his health care directive that he’d like all flags in the United States to be flown at half mast.
In Gratitude,
Jim’s children – Ted, Jen & Kim

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Jim Russell IS the “Program Doctor.” He is a journalist, creator and producer extraordinaire. He worked on and developed top public radio and TV programs for NPR, PRI, APM and PBS including: All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Marketplace,The World, Weekend America and Newton’s Apple (PBS-TV)

Now, Jim has become a consulting “program doctor” to help you invent, create, improve, diagnose and nurse programs to optimum health!

The Jim Russell “Intensive”

P1090897After years of inventing programs and helping repair others, Jim has developed a very successful method for analyzing, creating and developing radio and TV programs. His “Intensive” creates an intersection between creativity and strategy — to produce a strong, sustainable program that appeals to audiences and supports your mission.

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Jim’s client roster spans the country.

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“You have been so key to our development. Your detailed critiques, your thoughtful questions about breaking away from empty legacy approaches, your challenges about being ruthless in our scrutiny of our effectiveness have given me a deep appreciation for the reasons why the work you’ve signed your name to has made history.”

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Jim Russell Productions exists to share the creativity and extensive knowledge of Jim Russell and his Associates with Stations, Production houses, and Audio/Video Producers who want to create top quality programming for the benefit of the public.