Top ranked public radio stations

Congratulations to WUOM, Ann Arbor MI; KQED, San Jose/San Francisco CA; KNOW, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN; WMEA, Portland, ME and WUNC, Raleigh-Durham NC. These five stations have the highest metro cume audiences in the nation, according to Media Audit’s recent survey of its 80+ measured markets.  Public Radio fans are also more likely to be wealthy consumers (67% earn $150,000+) with active lifestyles. They’re likelier to be business owners. purchasers of foreign luxury cars, hotel-goers and air trravelers. Public radio stations represent the largest number of non-commercial radio stations in the U.S. and in many cases they can be formidable competition for local advertising dollars.”

1. WUOM, Ann Arbor, MI 25.1%
2. KQED, San Francisco/San Jose, CA 18.8%
3. KNOW, Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 17.7%
4. WMEA, Portland, ME 17.3%
5. WUNC, Raleigh-Durham, NC 16.9%

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