Consulting with CNN Radio

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The gigantic CNN Center in Atlanta – studios, newsrooms, 2 hotels and a food court!

I had a great time working in April with my newest client:


I staged my 2½ day Intensive at CNN’s World Headquarters in Atlanta.

What is CNN Radio? It used to be a network of 2000+ terrestrial radio stations around the country that carried CNN radio newscasts. But a few years ago, CNN got out of the terrestrial radio business and moved its content – based on the worldwide resources of CNN – to the web.

CNN’s dedicated radio staff produces podcasts that can be downloaded from places like Itunes and Stitcher. The foremost CNN Radio podcast is News Day, an in-depth update on the news that is CNN 008produced every weekday and posted at 4:30 pm. Listeners get a compact, concise half-hour that summarizes the most important news of the day as well as great personal stories you won’t get anywhere else. News Day uses the news, but is not a clone of the TV-side of CNN. I think of their stories as news-based but giving listeners the meaning and context as well as the facts.

It was exciting to be at the amazing home of all of CNN, and very special to spend time with the lean hard-working staff of CNN Radio who are dedicated to producing great radio for the web, mobile and whatever future digital technology may deliver.




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