Valerie Geller tells the truth

You have got to spend money to make money. Such a simple concept, yet one so often ignored these days.

Valerie Geller is one smart lady, an international radio consultant who has managed some of the top radio stations in the country and works all over the world advising international broadcasters.images

In her latest article, she urged radio people to define the term “radio” very broadly as “Content in combination, delivering across multiple platforms.” She says: “As a broadcaster, if you want to thrive in today’s digital world, you need to go where the audience is.

But Valerie’s central theme is “Creating quality content costs money. Invest money in talent and producers. Hire good people. It takes vision and it takes risk. You’ve got to spend it to make it.” She admits this is the message that no manager or owner wants to hear!

Take a look at the entirety of her smart article.

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