Mission, Vision and Values

It could have been written by the head of NPR, but it actually is the mission, vision and value statement of Aljazeera America! Now we need to see if they live up to their pretty words.


header-logo-beta-baseOur Vision

To be recognized as the world’s leading and most trusted media network, reaching people no matter who or where they are.

Our Mission

To deliver captivating content to the world which informs, inspires and entertains through:

  • Engaging talented, creative and spirited people
  • Reaching deeper, broader and closer with our content, platforms and interactions
  • Rebalancing global media by respecting the diversity and humanity of the world
  • Giving a voice to the voiceless
  • Achieving outstanding results efficiently

Our Values

Integrity and respect guide our conduct internally and externally

We are with the people – we tell real stories

We encourage a pioneering spirit

We strive for excellence in everything we do

We maintain credibility through impartial, accurate and comprehensive representation of the story

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