Before either of us commit to anything, I do a … FREE audition of your program/s – up to an hour total. I also do a FREE written critique about what I have heard and include recommendations for making it better. This service would normally cost $500, but for first-time clients, it is … FREE! To show you how good I am and how helpful I can be! Critique

If we both think I can help you, then and only then will I make a proposal to you. It will involve you, your colleagues and I spending some time together, face-to-face. This is my “Intensive” — usually a 2½ day super-energized series of brainstorming, coaching, planning. And finally,

My Intensive has lots of tangible Deliverables including:

  • A Written Report;
  • An updated Mission and Vision for the program;
  • A set of Differentiators to make your program different from anyone else’s;
  • A Bible of best practices;
  • Signature Segments;
  • Specific Recommendations; and
  • Follow-up.

In order to get started, contact me to arrange for the FREE Audition and Critique. And, feel free to give me a call to chat – (919) 942-6950.


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