Does the term “Multimedia” mean anything?

1-PBah1ydcuo_mqzs3IJvIwQTyler Moody is a very smart guy. He is the Vice President of CNN in charge of “help(ing) storytellers on all platforms tap into the resources of CNN newsgathering. Whether it’s audio for radio, video/photos/wire for your website, or footage for movies and television productions, I can help you power your business with the worldwide resources of CNN.”

But even in this multiplatform job, in a multiplatform media world, Tyler questions whether “multimedia” means anything. In an article on, Tyler writes “Multi-platform, or cross platform are buzzwords that are losing meaning, if they aren’t already meaningless.” His skepticism came to a head when he saw a job posting for a radio producer that read, “Must be able to produce an entertaining, informative, relevant show for multiple platforms.” Tyler’s reaction?

“That’s crazy. The person advertising for the job either doesn’t understand what multiple platforms means, or they don’t know how to make relevant platform specific content, or… they actually expect one person to do what they have described.” That’s because, Moody says, “In order to produce entertaining and relevant content for a platform, the content should be tailored to the experience that platform delivers to it’s audience.”

Check out his well-thought-out reasoning in the full article.

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