What John Oliver can teach us

JohnOliver3John Oliver is a terrific and super-talented comedian, but he is a lot more than that. In the Lefsetz Newsletter, Jack Bruce sets out to analyze what makes Oliver so extraordinary. Among Bruce’s reasons are: “his passion. We’re drawn to it. We know Oliver cares. About both his subject matter and his delivery. We want to watch people go for the brass ring. That’s part of the appeal of professional sports, watching others do better at what we can only play at.”

Here’s Jack Bruce’s full list of what makes Oliver extraordinary:

1. He tells a story.

2. He’s not afraid to go long.

3. He’s not worried about looks.

4. He has an edge

5. He’s not afraid to be outraged.

6. He’s paid his dues.JohnOliver

7. Sacred cows.

8. Passion.

9. Willing to tackle non-sexy subjects.

10. Not afraid to have guests on who aren’t selling something.

Bruce concludes by saying “What we’re searching for in today’s society is excellence and honesty and John Oliver delivers this. … John Oliver has figured it out, you need to too.”

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