The Mini Consult

untitledEvery station needs and deserves to know whether its locally-produced programs are living up to expectations.

  • Are they as good as they could and should be?
  • Is the audience satisfied with their quality?
  • What would it take to make them better?

We all know the audience expects the best. They don’t distinguish between NPR’s “gold standard” and your local quality.

Nobody in your audience tunes in for second-quality programs called “local public radio.”

Here’s the startling truth! Often, improving a local program isn’t expensive. Frequently, it is a matter of doing some fine-tuning and addressing some easy-to-fix issues, finding some “low-hanging fruit.”

That’s what I work on in my “Mini-Consults.” They allow me to spend 4 hours working with you and your program staff. During that time, I will:

  • Lead a preliminary conference call (telephone or Zoom) with the key players, to understand what they and the station wants and expects from the program;
  • Audition a couple of hours of the program;
  • Prepare written critiques of the programs auditioned, with recommendations for improvement;
  • Report back to you with a briefing conference call (telephone or Zoom) with staff to discuss findings and recommendations.

The Mini-Consult is an economical and efficient way to bring some quality professional attention to your locally-produced program. It takes a limited amount of your staff’s time and a small investment to get some professional ears on your program.

The Mini-Consult is priced at $1,200.

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