A New Approach

Over the past 5 years Jim has been presenting the Jim Russell “Intensive” workshop to stations and program directors across the country with great success.

He has recently added a new opportunity for producers and station managers to work with him at a more affordable price, in a collaborative environment. His hope is that this new approach will enable producers and station managers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the full “Intensive” workshop the ability to benefit from his experience.

Twice a year, Jim plans to conduct his Intensives in his home town, Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Attendees will travel to North Carolina, only 40 minutes by air from Washington, D.C. Up to two participants (Producer and PD or Producer and Host?) will come from each station or production company. They’ll spend the 2½ days in fast-moving workshops learning the process Jim uses and applying it to their programs. They’ll learn from Jim but also from their fellow producers who have probably faced the same challenges  – in formal workshops and free-wheeling evening get-togethers. The attendees will have the opportunity to create common solutions to common problems. At the conclusion of the workshop, they’ll take the program development process home with them, to lead their own staffs in analyzing and creating a solid plan to improve or create a new program.Following the Intensive, Jim will provide additional follow-up consulting with the producers, by conference call. And, of course, each of the participants will have their own consulting team in the future – their fellow participants at the Intensive.

The usual cost for Jim to bring his Intensive to a station or producer is approximately $7,500 plus travel expenses. But, by turning the tables and having producers come to him, Jim believes he can reduce the cost by nearly two-thirds!

The first Intensive in North Carolina is planned for Fall of 2012.  Please contact Jim if you are interested in participating in the North Carolina local “Intensive.”