Getting Started!

Many clients have asked me if there is an introductory package, a way to get started working on improving a local program, without committing to the whole 9 yards (“The Intensive”).

I am happy to say, “Yes.” There are three ways to try out The Program Doctor’s services to see if they meet your needs … before taking on the cost and time commitments of “The Intensive.” See which of these looks like it might meet your needs. You can see descriptions of each by clicking on their title below.

The most important thing is … to get started thinking about and improving your programs, making them sustainable. I am happy to apply my experience and skills to help you begin this process.

Tryout Description Cost
Audition &  Critique Audition   of 1 hour program and written critique. Free!
Mini-Consult 4   hours, 2 conference calls and 2 auditions & written critiques $1,100
Workshop When   offered, a weekend fly-in by small group of stations. 2 from each station. $2,500
Full   Intensive 2-1/2 days on your site. $7,500   – $10,000

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