Consulting with Chinese TV

Did some very interesting and exciting work recently with CCTV-America at its new Washington D.C. network headquarters. CCTV-America is a 24/7 English-language cable network, seen around the world. As their web site says, “CCTV America broadcasts news and talk programming from in its production facilities in Washington DC., joining our headquarters in Beijing – and our sister broadcast center in Nairobi, Kenya – in providing a comprehensive as well as balanced view of the world in which we live.” CCTV3

CCTV-America offers a view of events, culture and news in China as well as a Chinese perspective on news from around the world. My consulting was in the area of business programming. CCTV-America produces a daily business news program, Biz Asia America. I find it fascinating to see the news from an international vantage point. CCTV-America joins BBC, Al Jazeera and others in providing this diverse view of the world.

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