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Newsletter, January 2008

You guys made my 2007 a very happy and productive one. The year marked an important personal turning point, from my previous 38 years in the business as an employee to a free agent. Some might think I was crazy to launch my own business at my tender age, but my wife has a lifelong saying: “If not now, when?” And its corollary: “In 10 years, you can be x + 10 years old, or x + 10 years old and a lawyer, novelist, sailor, teacher etc.” Smart lady, that Kathy!

I have loved every minute of the past year, because of you and your talented and ambitious staffs. I love working with young people (and some of you oldsters as well). I love teaching in a Socratic style where selfdiscovery is the mode of learning. And, I love helping organize the creative process so it bears and sustains fruit. I’ve learned, the hard way, that anyone can have an idea. But few know what to do with that idea to make it work and make it last. Among the interesting projects I worked on in the past year are: Continue reading

Newsletter, July 2007

High on good radio, one local program at a time

It is an incredible high to visit public radio stations.

The living and breathing mission of public radio is rich oxygen. Mix it with the talent of the radio staff and strategic thinking about audience – and you have an incredibly powerful solution.

There’s no mystery why public radio has become the huge success it is. Continue reading