What’s a Program Doctor?

After 30+ years of developing landmark public radio and TV programs for NPR, PRI, APM and PBS — like All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Marketplace, Newton’s Apple, The World and Weekend America — he’s now created his own production consulting company to work with you! A “program doctor” helps you invent, create, improve, diagnose and nurse programs to optimum health!

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There really IS a “Free Lunch”8301861168307678103

This is a totally free invitation to try out my services at no cost whatsoever. Am I nuts, or are you — for not accepting the free lunch? Check this out — it’s real!

The Jim Russell “Intensive”

After years of inventing programs and helping repair others, Jim has developed a very successful “process” for analyzing, creating and constructing radio and TV programs. Available on-site or as a workshop, the Intensive intersects creativity and strategy to produce a strong, sustainable program that supports its mission.

Jim’s Clients

Jim’s client roster spans the country.


What People Say About Jimjrussell and radio

“You have been so key to our development. Your detailed critiques, your thoughtful questions about breaking away from empty legacy approaches, your challenges about being ruthless in our scrutiny of our effectiveness have given me a deep appreciation for the reasons why the work you’ve signed your name to has made history.”

Jim’s Business Plan

Jim Russell Productions exists to share the creativity and extensive knowledge of Jim Russell and his associates with stations, production houses, and audio/video producers who aspire to create top quality programming for the benefit of the public.